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Suzanna LeNir

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A Podcast for Actors

Discover the secrets of the acting industry with Suzanna Le Nir's exclusive podcast. Get insider tips, interviews with industry professionals, and valuable insights to help you succeed in your acting career. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a competitive edge and take your acting skills to the next level. Tune in now and unlock your full potential.

Anne Day-Jones

I love working with Suzanna and have done so, on and off, over many years, in class and individually, online and in person. Her way of working is a breath of fresh air and immediately applicable to the work environment. She marries decades of experience in acting and teaching with a keen intuition as to precisely what each actor needs to work on,  as well as identifying each individual’s strengths - be they veteran actors or beginners with acting dreams. Advanced players can grow and stretch and fine tune their new discoveries - beginners can learn and play and build confidence. Suzanna creates a warm, supportive and focused environment where it’s a joy to learn. Highly recommend!

Nir Guzinski

"I love Suzanna's scene study class! 

She makes actors feel safe and allows for their creativity to emerge.

Being able to work alongside other actors under the guidance of such a caring and experienced teacher, really allowed me to learn

how to better react and listen, as well as how to be better prepared for set work. 

Definitely recommend this class and teacher!”

Hannah D'Orozio

Suzanna is a generous, observant and light-hearted teacher. I've learned a lot from her class and being able to see myself on camera. I appreciate that class offers an anonymity that is conducive with the realities of working on a professional set. This class is my gym to keep my acting muscles toned and strong.  

Brittany Leborgne

I always look forward to Suzanna's classes because of the fun and welcoming environment. There's no judgement, only support, and constructive, encouraging feedback. You're free to try new things in a safe space. 

Do you want to improve your acting skills?


Do you want to ace your next audition?


Do you want to develop your own

independent and unique voice?


Are you looking to build confidence and have fun? If so, come and join our workshops!


Whether you are just starting out or looking to brush up on your skills, our  On-Camera Acting Classes is just wat you need.


Our workshops focus on training for film and television, from cold readings to auditions to performance.


In order to provide training tailored to each student, we keep our workshop groups small (no more than 10 students).

Our acting studio is easily accessible by both public transportation and car.


642 De Courcelles,

Montreal, Canada


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